Mission, Vision and Goals


World-class commercialization services for Georgia Tech faculty, staff and students to catalyze research and innovation that matters and improves the human condition


To attract and nurture the best entrepreneurial minds, to become a thought leader in redefining commercialization in academia, and to become the #1 university for positive impact through technology and talent.


Create Entrepreneurial Culture

Instill entrepreneurial confidence in every Georgia Tech student, faculty, researcher and staff

Progress Technology Readiness

Maximize the viability of technologies

Steward Intellectual Property

Provide flexible IP policies to maximize commercialization activity and return on investment

Launch Impactful Ventures

Enable frictionless pathways for the transformation of intellectual assets into impactful business enterprises

Enable Transformational Impact

Provide access to key resources for companies to achieve transformational impact

Become Thought Leader

Emerge as a thought leader for making commercialization a first-class citizen in an academic ecosystem