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Invention Disclosures or questions related to intellectual property such as patent decisions or publication, presentations and other public disclosures impacting patent timelines

Craig Bohlken
Office of Technology Licensing

Support for activities related to the creation of startups and ventures based on Georgia Tech research Keith McGreggor
Reporting and updating outside activities (Conflict of Interest Management) Aric Edwards
Conflict of Interest Management
Office of General Counsel

For compliance or regulatory support and guidance from the Office of Research Integrity Assurance, including:

Office of Research Integrity Assurance
Contact Us Directory
Georgia Tech Patent and Trademark Resource Center - training and consultations on patents and trademarks and a national network of patent and trademark libraries and databases Email for Virtual Appointment
Use of Georgia Tech Name or Marks (Logos) review and approval for startups and other outside entities and ventures (third parties), including press releases, websites and printed materials.

Sponsored Programs, Commercialization, and Technology Licensing:
Andy Howard


Legal Office Hours - Biolocity offers complimentary counseling and materials to Emory University and Georgia Tech innovators (faculty, staff, students, and alumni) and any start-up companies related to either institution. By appointment only

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